JJ Hall

Jeremiah Hall “JJ” is the newest addition to Doerr & Knudson.  Many of you already know JJ, and know that he enjoys being in the courtroom and defending people’s rights and interests as much as boxers like being in the ring.  He knows the system and the process around here very well.  Mr. Hall has strong trial advocacy skills and an extensive background in motions practice.  Mr. Hall is passionate about advocating for people that feel they have been wronged or taken advantage of.  He does not like bullies, and that’s why he enjoys helping be that strong advocate people need in their corner.

Mr. Hall came to work here fresh out of law school at the University of Denver.   He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming.  Prior to law school Mr. Hall had a few careers that helped him acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience unlike that of most attorneys.  As a young man he worked in the oilfields roughnecking in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.  Mr. Hall eventually decided to get some education.  That is where he started his professional career helping with people experiencing mental illness and developmental delays.  These jobs taught him 2 things that have been extremely helpful in his practice of law.  First, that hard work always pays off, and second, that listening to people is the best way to help them.  Mr. Hall has successfully used these skills in his representation of the citizens of Eastern New Mexico since moving here.

Mr. Hall has further honed these skills in the busiest trial docket in the jurisdiction representing the accused for the public defender’s office, as well as supervising the office.   Mr. Hall has been very successful in the outcomes he helped obtain for the people of Eastern New Mexico.  Mr. Hall has successfully litigated several issues involving police misconduct, false accusations, and violations of the constitution.

Mr. Hall is a natural born leader, mentor, and teacher.  He recently taught class on the Interstate Agreement on Detainers for the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyer Association (NMCDLA).  Mr. Hall is also a committee member of the CLE committee for NMCDLA helping come up with trainings and classes for attorneys in New Mexico.  Mr. Hall has also been involved in family and juvenile justice work.  Mr. Hall was an excellence award nominee for outstanding juvenile defense work in 2019 by the New Mexico Children’s Law Institute, and he is a certified trainer Juvenile Training Immersion Program (JTIP) by the National Juvenile Defender Center.

Bar Admission

New Mexico, 2013


University of Denver, Strum College of Law, Denver Colorado

Trial counsel on New Mexico Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases

State v. Zachariah G., 2022-NMSC-003, 501 P.3d 451 (created a new jury instruction on facilitative use of a deadly weapon)

State v. Jesenya O. 2022-NMSC-014, 514 P.3d 445 (created new case law on laying the proper foundation for social media)

State v. Sena, 2023-NMSC-007, 528 P.3d 631 (clarified statutes regarding parole for sex offenders)

State v. Branham, A-1-CA-39502, unpublished memorandum opinion (case summarily reversed on Mr. Hall’s brief)

State v. Flowers, A-1-CA-39651, unpublished memorandum opinion (case upheld and eventually dismissed on Mr. Hall’s Motion regarding unlawfully obtained evidence)

State v. Martinez, A-1-CA-38844, unpublished memorandum opinion (case summarily reversed on Mr. Hall’s argument to the court regarding fugitive status)